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Lighting Control


Lighting Control allows you to regulate the level and quality of light in a specified area or for a specific task or situation.  Lighting Control enhances productivity, provides comfort and helps to save energy by using light when and where it is needed most.  With a traditional lighting on/off switch the light fixtures are emmitting the same amount of light during the day and night. 



In the home lighting control saves energy and enhances comfort and convenience.  Utilization of dimmer switches allows you to customize the quantity of light a fixture is providing to meet the task, mood, or situation.  Automated window shades can be used in conjuction with dimmer switches to create a balance between the two sources of light to save energy and create a comfortable living space.  Full home light control can be achieved with the Lutron RadioRA 2 wireless total home control system.  Save energy by adjusting the amout of daylight and electric light in a single room or throught the entire home.  The system also controls temperature for a single room or the entire house and can turn off standby power to small appliances when the are not in use.



Most commercial spaces are over-lit which results in energy waste and can affect the productivity of employees.  Too much light can make tasks like computer work difficult to perform and studies have found that when given the opportunity, employees typically dim lighting, resulting in energy savings.  Office and commercial buildings can save money and increase productivity by incorporating lighting based on task performance and through the use of controlled lighting and shading.  Dimming increases fixture and bulb life and reduces maintenance costs.  Occupancy sensors used in conjunction with dimmers and controlled shading can greatly reduce overhead costs for companies.

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