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Commercial Lighting Services

Energy Audit

Call the Lighting and Lamp specialists at 205-271-1423 to schedule a free energy audit for your office building, warehouse, or other commercial building. Converting to more energy efficient light fixtures and bulbs may save your business money by reducing energy expense and maintenance costs. 


Our energy saving experts will observe how your business currently uses lighting in your facility and will provide you with an assessment that details energy saving strategies and recommendations tailored to the needs of your business.

Commercial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance

Lighting and Lamp retrofits lighting fixtures for office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, gas stations, shopping malls and other commercial buildings to convert to more energy efficient LED lighting fixtures.


Lighting and Lamp will convert old inefficient lighting in warehouses and commercial buildings to new energy efficient technology to provide energy savings.  We will also convert exterior and parking lot lighting to energy saving LED fixtures.  With our free energy audit we can help your business save money and reduce energy waste.

Lighting and Lamp provides maintenance services for lighting fixtures inside and ouside of commercial buildings, churches, apartments, restaurants, parking lots, and shopping centers.  We have bucket trucks to access high locations such as light poles and signs.  We work with property management companies as well as property owners to maintain light fixtures inside and outside the facility.  Our services include cleaning, bulb replacement, fixture repair, and fixture replacement.  Some of our Birmingham area clients include Zaxby's, Bojangles, Chic-fil-a, and many shopping centers and commercial buildings throughout Central Alabama.  

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