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Very nice chandelier

White glass shade with nickel accents.


White Glass shade chandelier

Nice chandelier with a white glass chandelier.


Brass accent Chandelier

Brass accents with a white glass shade.


Single light sconce

We have a matching pair of these sconces.

$30.00 each

Various Plug-in Pendants

A number of these in the clearance center. Various styles and colors.

$65.00 and up.

Assorted Light Fixture globes. $2.00 each

Various sizes, colors and styles. All are $2.00 each.


Assorted CFL bulbs

This is an assortment of CFL bulbs, various sizes and colors. Prices start at $3.00 each and go up from there.

$3.00 and up

Four Light Pendant

Four light pendant chandelier


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